Paw Up!

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

Baseball is a sport starting in February and going into May. The team has around 15 games this season. They practice at the Rock Wall and sometimes at Coach O’Neal’s house. The coaches are Lynn O’Neal, Cody Huff, and Scott Davis. There are 25 people on the team ranging from all grades. They have won all four games they have played so far this season. In town we host a tournament called the Wooden Bat. They also go to Arkansas and Branson for tournaments.

Freshman Michael Crabtree pitches for the varsity team. He is the only freshman to start varsity. Another high-achieving member of the team is junior Russell Matthews, who has the highest batting average on the team at .758.

One goal for Russell Matthews is to have a better average than last year. Another goal for junior Jeffrey Couch is to have the team be better than they did last year after being 4-0 for the first four games and then, after that, not playing too well and losing most of those games. Jeffrey is cheering on his team this season while he sits and watches them play because of a broken foot.

Their next home game is April 4th starting at 4:30. If you would like to know their whole schedule, you can go to the Fredericktown school website and see it. This season is going by fast, so don’t miss your chance to go see them in action!