Intense Questioning


Laysha Dominguez

(From left to right) Libby Mooney, Jacob Mungle, and Lidia Myers answering the tough questions at a meet in February.

Easton Elrod, Editor

Fredericktown High School Scholar Bowl recently competed at North County for their annual conference tournament. During the tournament, the team won against Kingston 170-70 and Arcadia Valley 170-140, but faced a disappointing loss against Potosi 140-160.

Sadly, even though they had a winning record at the tournament, the team did not move on to the semifinals. Despite this, Molly Sikes was given the honor of All-Conference, doing 10th best of every player in the conference, and averaged 3 questions per game. This is very impressive when it is considered that the best player averaged 5 questions at the same tournament. This was also Molly’s first time being in the captain position, in which she did a wonderful job leading the team. Coach Wendy O’Neal even said she was a great captain. She ended up filling the captain role for the whole tournament starting at the second half of the first game, and played for the whole tournament without subbing out.

This performance was amazing, but is planned to be improved further at the district tournament at Notre Dame High School in Cape Girardeau on the sixth of April. Come show your support!!