Knowledge Wins Competitions

Easton Elrod, Editor

Every year, select students at Fredericktown High School go to compete at Southeast Missouri State University in the Regional Science Olympiad. This year’s event occurred on February 9th, with Fredericktown taking 3rd place overall. The team is coached by Wendy O’Neal, Miriah Allgier, and Gavin Krueger. Eleven students began preparing in September after school and competed in 22 out of the available 23 events. These students proceeded to place in most of the events. The results are as follows:

1st Place:

Disease Detectives- Hunter Bellew and Anna Robbins

Experimental Design- Lidia Myers and Tyler Sherrill

2nd Place:

Astronomy- Hadley Hicks and Anna Robbins

Boomilever- Daniel Bathe and Anna Robbins

Chemistry Lab- Carter Corcino and Lidia Myers

Codebusters- Hunter Bellew and Carter Corcino

Designer Genes- Daniel Bathe and Hunter Bellew

Fermi Questions- Carter Corcino, Peyton England, and Katelyn White

Herpetology- Peyton England and Tyler Sherrill

Water Quality- Hunter Bellew and Libby Mooney

Wright Stuff- Hunter Bellew and Libby Mooney

3rd Place

Dynamic Planet- Hadley Hicks and Lizzy Houart

Forensics- Anna Robbins and Katelyn White

Fossils- Peyton England and Tyler Sherrill

Geologic Mapping- Daniel Bathe and Peyton England

Mousetrap Vehicle- Lizzy Houart and Daniel Bathe

Protein Modeling- Hunter Bellew and Hadley Hicks

Thermodynamics- Lizzy Houart and Libby Mooney

4th Place

Anatomy and Physiology- Lidia Myers and Anna Robbins

Circuit Lab- Lidia Myers and Tyler Sherrill

Write It Do It- Lidia Myers and Libby Mooney