Hitting to the End of the Season


Brezlyn Boswell

Senior Clark Penuel batting for the team in the Wooden Bat Tournament.

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

As the season has continued on the baseball boys have a 8-9 record. They also held the Wood Bat Classic. They won two out of the four games at that tournament. They have around five non-conference games left of the season with the district tournament in the middle of their games. With the season rounding out, there is perseverance to win more games to get their record to be better.

The Fredericktown team also has a Junior Varsity team. They have not gotten to play as many games as varsity, but they are trying to get a win for the season. They also have goals they want to fulfill along with varsity. Freshman Connor Smith plays short stop for Junior Varsity. One thing he wants to work on this season is to improve his RBI. He feels that this season has helped him with his social skills. Freshman Jayden Polelite is on Junior Varsity and plays first base. This season he is trying to work on his batting, to try and getting a better average.

With few games left, they are all excited to finish this season to see what their record will be, but they are also sad to have seniors leaving them. They will have six seniors leaving this year. Some have talked about getting scholarships for playing baseball. They can’t wait to see what next year will bring.