From Doodles to Masterpieces: 2k19 Art Show

Malayna Elrod, Writer


Our students here at Fredericktown High School are very artistically talented! To show these talents to the public, Mrs.Smithey had arranged a public art show for everyone to view these beautiful creations made by the students themselves. The art show was held in the high school gym lobby on May 10th from 4 to 7:30pm. Not only could you go to view the artwork, but there were many other activities for the public as well. They had five tables set up of various activities.

The first table was “Balloon Animals.” At this table the visitors could blow up balloons and create various balloon animals of their choice, of course, with the help of Mrs. Smithey’s daughter, Savannah. The second table was the “Painting” table. At this table you could use paint to decorate whatever you wanted on paper plates. Brushes, plates, and paint were provided. The third table was called “Book-Making.” At this table, you were given yarn and paper and one of the advanced art students would help you create your very own book! How cool?! The fourth table was called “Animal Sculptures.” This table had scissors, glue, and paper that you could use to create an animal sculpture. Lastly, the fifth table was called “Face-Painting.” At this table, one of the advanced art students would let you choose one of the designs to have painted on your face.

What was neat about the art show was that every student in an art class had at least one piece that was entered. I love this because it gives everyone a chance to show off his or her hard work and creative masterpieces.