Tennis 2019 Overview

Sophomore Skylar Hennen prepares to play her singles match at a home game.

Paxton Clark, Writer

The Fredericktown Ladycats Tennis team’s 2019 season is quickly coming closer to an end.  The season is so quick some people may not even know it’s started, but the team has been going strong for the last couple of months.

Fredericktown tennis games start in early September, and end at the end of October. The ladies play in single and double matches. Both doubles and singles matches are determined by your rank on the team. The games are very relaxed compared to other sports such as football or basketball. Parents and spectators aren’t constantly yelling and shouting; instead, attendees sit outside of the court the players they want to see are playing in. This allows the teams on the court to focus better, allowing for a better performance. It may seem somewhat odd for people new to tennis, but it is a very nice atmosphere once you get used to it.

The matches themselves tend to last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. In that time, the girls on the court are up and moving almost constantly. You can see the concentration and determination on their faces when they play. At the end of their assigned  matches they come off the court exhausted from the match. For any member not currently playing, they can be found resting, talking about their own matches, or watching their friends and other teammates matches intently. It is easy to see why a senior on the team would miss it so much.

The Ladycat’s tennis matches are amazing sporting events to attend. You won’t want to miss it!