Student Council Represents You!


Dawson Bufford, Josiah White, and Colton Francis working hard in Student Council’s leadership class

Emilee Goldsmith, Contributor

This year Student Council is trying something that they have not done for a while and  having a Big Four. Normally they would have six people in this leadership group, but they felt that it was too many, so they decided to try having only four this year.

Big Four takes care of pep rallies, homecoming events, signs around school, and the StuCo blood drive, along with the leadership class that FHS offers. The president this year is senior Lidia Myers, and her vice president is senior Libby Mooney; they oversee all of the jobs that the underclassmen are fulfilling. Chief of staff is junior Savannah Lawson, who takes care of many things including our point system to show if certain people get to do the reward for each semester. Speaker of the house is junior Emilee Goldsmith, who has many jobs, but her main job is to be a voice for the general assembly.

Then we have the class officers who represent their class as a whole:

senior president and vice president, Will Arras and Alyssa Pierson

junior president and vice president, Patrick Sikes and Lexie Stamp

sophomore president and vice president, Emma Lewis and Emma Revelle

freshman president and vice president, Brennon Hunt and McCoy Clark

Some classes have senators to help with different things throughout the year, but not all classes elected senators. The junior class senators are Laci Francis and Hadley Hicks. Freshman senators are Lizzie Crouch, Mason Holland, Linley Rehkop, and Rylie Rehkop.

StuCo also has the general assembly, which anyone can join. Keep an eye out for different changes around school because StuCo is making those things possible for everyone!