Pink Out

Alex Harris, Writer

On Friday September 27th, the Blackcats went up against the Potosi Trojans. In the first half of the game we fell behind, Potosi pulling the lead. They held the lead for most of the first half of the game. Near the end of the second quarter tension was running high as Potosi had just scored yet another point.  While the team went to the locker room to freshen up, the halftime show proceeded.

During half time the band gave an amazing performance led by drum major Lidia Myers (12). Two of our players, Curtis Lewis and Brennon Hunt are in the band, they play the saxophone. When asked if playing on the band had nay ANY* effect on their playing on the field, Brennon said, “It doesn’t really effect my performance since I am on the JV team. I rarely play in the varsity games. I think it’s a fun experience to be able to march in pads.” When asked if being on the football team effects his playing in band Curtis said “Being on the football team doesn’t effect my playing ability in the halftime show, I just have to be able to focus on two things at once, which is easy in my book.” The Gold Dusters also gave a very heartwarming and inspirational performance to the song I’m gonna love you through it, sung by The Isaacs. The crowd was a big supporter. The volleyball team had shown up and cheered as well. Most of the crowd had dawned pink attire. During the halftime show the cheerleaders had come onto the field with the girls from first grade through fifth grade

During the second half of the game we had caught up to Potosi and kept tied for most of it. Our defense tackled them well and stopped them from making a lot of touchdowns.  In the lest few seconds the scoreboard had messed up and we had to reset the time, that took a while. In the end, with the amazing eighty five yard run made by Skylar Holland (12), we would’ve won had the ref not called the penalty. The penalty itself was described as ”holding someone who wasn’t supposed to be held,” by Micheal Atkins Jr, though the proper term is holding