An Anime Christmas

Alex Harris, Writer

What is Gohan’s favorite instrument?

A piccolo

Wednesday, the eleventh of December, the anime club hosted Christmas party.  They started the party off with a true or false quiz about Christmas culture in Japan. Alyssa Sample (10), had a perfect score, along with Kyle Robertson (10). They played games for a while, maybe twenty minutes in total. They played bingo and a word association game. After that the food was brought out and they watched a Pokémon Christmas special. After that they played the word association game three more times and it was time to go home.

The club director has already prepared activities for the next month

Alyssa Sample (10) said that her favorite part of Animé Club was the trip to Columbia Park. She said she liked the trip because they go LARPing, which is Live Action Role Playing, “a bunch of weirdos with swords” is what she calls it, but there is “no judging because we’re all weirdos.”

When asked to describe what Animé Club is like, Alyssa Sample (10) Krystian Dennison (10), and Kyle Robertson (10) had answered that they like to draw animé and study Japanese culture, to a degree,  and they all liked when they got to eat fried chicken for Christmas.

They said the exciting part is learning about the foreign culture of Japan and China.

Krystian Dennison (10) described his experience as good since it’s his first year in Animé Club, and said it was a really fun club.

Kyle Robertson (10) said he very much enjoyed drawing and watching and when someone comes in from the teacher’s life comes in. He has a lot of fun in every meeting. He described his experience as “‘amazing, utterly astonishing, and just.. wow.'” It’s his second year in Animé Club, and he hopes that he can meet more cosplayers.