Humans of FredMO: Ryan Nelson


Anja Francis

Freshman Ryan Nelson beginning a kick line to the song “Welcome to the Jungle”

Paxton Clark, Writer

Starting high school is hard—transitioning to a new school, finding your classes, and deciding what clubs you will be a part of. Freshman Ryan Nelson is a good example of this. She is currently the only freshman on the 2019/2020 Gold Duster dance team. When asked how she feels about being the youngest on the team, she said it can be hard at times.

“I know I have a lot to improve on, but it also feels great because I’ve proven to myself and others that anything is possible,” she says.

Ryan says her mom actually talked her into trying out for the team. She said she really liked dancing, and her mom wanted her to think of the opportunities it could give her. Now though, Ryan is glad her mom continues to push and support her.  Finally, Ryan says one of her favorite things about being a Gold Duster is getting to be a part of a team.

Ryan has been dancing since about fourth grade and her favorite styles include hip hop and jazz. She mentioned that she has always enjoyed dancing around the house when she was younger. When she got older, her mother approached her and asked if she wanted to join a studio.

“It has just kind of progressed from there,” she said. “I wouldn’t say anything particular gave me my start for dance. It was just kind of the love I have for it.”  Some of Ryan’s hobbies and interests (outside of dancing) include painting. Ryan is also very involved in anything choir related.

We cannot wait to see how Ryan grows within the rest of her high school career!