Farmington Game – Girls Soccer


Rylie Rehkop

The girls soccer team leaving the field after farmington left after half time.

Lizzie Crouch, Writer

Returning after their first day back from spring break, the FHS girls soccer team competed in a home game against Farmington High School. Even though the Fredericktown School District took eight days off of school, the girls had a busy week of games competing with tough competition. While Coach McCoy and Coach Mcfadden scheduled optional weekend practices for the girls to keep conditioned and work on their skills.

The team was excited to play in their first home game of the season, Brezlyn Boswell, a senior captain on the team said, “I was confident going into the match against Farmington because four of their starters were out.” Although Farmington has been known as fierce competition in the past, the girls knew they could come out on top and secure the win. Another Player shared, “I felt a little nervous going into the game, because it was our first home game, but I knew we could win (Lydia Mell, 10).”

To start the game out strong, Arika Buxton another senior captain, scored the first goal boosting the team’s spirit and not long after did her sister Alivia Buxton (11) become unstoppable. She scored the next 4 goals for the team in just the first half of the game. The fifth and final goal was a real upset for the Farmington girls. The coach for their team wanted to challenge the referees, because he believed the goal shouldn’t have counted since it was made with only seconds remaining in the half. The referees stuck with their call and the goal counted for Fredericktown. The Farmington coach then made the decision to forfeit the match and take his girls home without finishing the game. Although the players for Farmington may of been upset too, it is known that they wanted to stay and play the second half.

This was an unforgettable game for both of the teams, and it is unlikely that they will experience a game like this again. This leaves the team with a season record of 3-3 with more wins to come. The Lady Cats will be playing four more home games and traveling away to other schools to finish the season out.