West County Tournament – Golf


Lizzie Crouch

Wesley Dulany (9) lining up to drive the ball towards the hole.

Lizzie Crouch, Writer

Bright and early the varsity golf team traveled to West County to participate in one of their many golf tournaments of the season. The team consists of many skilled sophomore boys; Eli Aslinger, Wesley Dulany, Dalton Winnick, Garrett Ward, and Grant Wagner which all participate on varsity. Another varsity player is Grant Ebert who has dedicated many hours to the sport and has become a strong asset to the team. Coach Carver had a few things to share about the skilled player, “Grant is a major contributor to the team. He is always using his golf knowledge to help the other guys out. Whether it’s with their game or just their knowledge of courses in tournaments.”

Many schools competed in the tournament including Potosi, West County, Central, Arcadia Valley, Steelville, Viburnum and Clearwater, but Fredericktown ended up coming on top with exceptional scores.

FHS Golf Team Player’s Scores

             Grant Ebert – 91
             Garrett Ward – 98
             Dalton Winick – 95
             Eli Aslinger – 104
             Wesley DuLaney – 99
             Grant Wagner – 124


Winning the West County tournament was a big accomplishment for the boys, showing them that their hard work is paying off and that they are improving as individual players. The FHS golf team’s future is looking bright while they head towards more competitions to compete for the best scores.