Homecoming Night

Tanner Berrey entering the field along with his other teammates.

Jaidyn McCleary, Writer

Homecoming night was an experience no one will forget. Many people enjoyed the pep rally before the night of the homecoming game with all the football players. During the pep rally, many students loved the Gold Dusters’ dance routine and getting to play games after the team sports events. The crowning of the new queen made most people happy with who was chosen for homecoming queen title. The homecoming king was Grant Ebert, who is a senior this year, and his homecoming queen, Ava Laut, is also a senior this year as well.

Even though the opposing team had faster players, that didn’t stop our team from making a few touchdowns. Most people knew that we wouldn’t win against the Ste. Genevieve players, but they never lost hope in the score. Sadly, the final score was 33 to 55. This didn’t matter much to the parents though. They just wanted their kids to have a fun time on the field and not care about the score or anything. Sophomore Heidi Welker, who’s a Ladycats cheerleader, had said that, “I can remember one of the 9th graders making a touchdown for the Blackcat team, but I was starting to get sad and angry towards the end of the game.” What caused her to feel this way was the fact that we lost the game and that she had messed up on the fight song dance routine the cheer team were doing that night. Another moment that got the crowd going was the touchdown Nolan Holland, a 9th grader, had made for his team.

The players have to prepare themselves for any team that they may be facing. They have to go to practice after school pretty much every day before a big game of the season. The team will put a lot of effort into what they believe will work for the team and how it will effect the way they play the game. Football players work really hard and do more workouts than the school combined due to how much time they have on their hands.