Making a Racket: Tennis Senior Night


A poster Coach Maddie made for senior night.

Mariela Vazquez, Writer

As the 2021-2022 tennis season comes to an end, let’s take a look at the seniors of the Blackcat tennis team. This year there are three seniors on the team; Sophie Rekhop, Lucy Pham, and Bailey White.

Our first of three seniors on the Blackcat tennis team is Sophie Rehkop. She has been on the team since her freshman year but started playing earlier in her life. Sophie comes from a family of tennis players, with her older sister and cousins playing as well. Her favorite part of tennis has been spending time with all of her friends. Her parting advice is, “Don’t get in your head and always just take it one point at a time.”

Another senior on the Blackcat tennis team is Lucy Pham. She has been on the team since her freshman year. Previous to joining the team she played badminton. Lucy says the only reason she joined tennis was because we don’t have a badminton team. While tennis wasn’t her first choice, she doesn’t regret her decision to join. Her favorite part of tennis has been the food stops. Her advice for the younger players on the team is to “keep your feet moving and never stand still.”

Last but definitely not least is Bailey White. She has been on the tennis team for 4 years, though her experience in tennis started before her freshman year as she played with Sophie Rehkop growing up. Bailey’s favorite part of tennis has been playing with her best friends. Her final advice for the team is, “Just have fun and stay out of your head.”

It may be sad to see them go, but they’re destined to do great things one day. The Blackcat tennis team will miss them greatly. In their time on the team, they’ve inspired the younger girls, grown as players, and made new and lasting friendships. Their advice will be remembered and cherished by the younger players.