Making Strides to Success


Brayleen Sarakas (9) and Sadie Gibson (10) posing for a picture at the district game agaisnt Notre Dame (St. Louis).

Lizzie Crouch

Grit, defined in the dictionary, is an individual’s perspective of effort combined with the passion for a particular goal—although the grit that the Ladycat softball team has shown is way more than individual. This season the girls have proved that working together to accomplish a goal is the best thing that a team can do.  Every player on the team plays an important role in allowing success to happen; for example, without the outfielders there would be no one to make amazing catches like Callie Alliger (9) and Trista Thompson (12), and without the smart base runners like Brianna Noble (11) and Laynee King (9), the team wouldn’t have anyone to bring home.

The FHS softball team has persevered through many challenging games throughout the season. Each game they play always ends up being a nail biter, leaving fans in awe of the great competition. One of their most intense games was North County, where each inning consisted of amazing hits along with strong fielding. During Sadie Gibson’s (9) first at bat, she nailed a perfect home run, scoring for the team. Callie Alliger then followed her when she went up to the plate and hit the second home run of the game, gaining another run and making their score 2-0 with Fredericktown in the lead. North County battled their way through each inning, building up runs whenever they could, but nevertheless the Lady Cats were on fire with their powerful hits. Sadie Gibson continued the home run streak during her second at bat, bringing in a runner on base and herself scoring more runs for the team. Eventually the game came to the final score of 11-10 with the Ladycats pulling through after the long innings. The MVP of the game, Sadie Gibson, says, “I was shocked with my homeruns because I am one of the littlest people on team, but I have also really seen lots of growth as a player this year and think that this softball season has been the best yet.”

North County is an important game to share because it was easily every player’s favorite game, and it showed how the girls were capable of beating good competition if they play with enough intensity. The girls worked hard in every game to finish out their season but faced some tough loses agaisnt teams like Sikeston, St. Pius, and Chaffee. The Ladycats then took on districts, being seeded fourth and facing Notre Dame (St. Louis), who was the fifth seed, and pulled through with a win (5-3). The girls were excited to make it to the next leg in the bracket. I asked Makalya Tourville (12) how she felt, and she said, “It felt rewarding to make an achievement that Fredericktown softball hasn’t done in years.” The girls then fought hard in their next game against Doniphan, but it wasn’t enough to exceed to the championship.

Softball is one of those sports were persistence is key to success, and the girls have demonstrated this well. No matter how hard of a loss they earn, they still come back better than ever, and I know that next season the team will prove this.