The Life of the Cheer Team


Keira Francis

Heidi Welker (10th grade), Hallie Adams (9th grade), Celeste Laut (9th grade), Emma McMillen (9th grade), and Allie Moon (12th grade).

Jaidyn McCleary

The Fredericktown High School’s cheer team is made up of different types of girls from different grade levels. Hallie Adams, Emma McMillen, and Celeste Laut are all freshman this year. Heidi Welker is a sophomore and is the co-captain of the cheer team. Allie Moon is a senior and is the cheer captain. The girls work hard to make their cheer routines perfect and well organized. They preform their own stunts and two stunts coming up are going to be performed by Heidi Welker and Emma McMillen on the 22nd of October 2021.

Middle school cheer and high school cheer are way different. This is due to the middle school not allowing stunts while the high school does, making the cheerleaders be more focused and aware of what’s going on and so that they don’t hurt themselves or someone else. Heidi Welker said that “I moved up to high school and I’ve learned everything I know in one year.”

Due to Heidi Welker being the co-captain of the team, she gets to help pick out new stunts and ideas that would benefit the team, even though it seems like it doesn’t to the other girls. Working alongside Allie Moon is great fun and the two girls have a blast with each other. They come up with everything and will sometimes have help from the other girls to plan out new routines that they think will be better for the team.

Sometimes the girls will not like the idea of the placement they are in during a stunt. However after doing the stunt a couple of times, they get use to the feel of that spot and they start to enjoy that position. Sometimes they will switch around the routine to try different placements that they think will be best for the team. If a placement doesn’t fit for someone, or if they are better in a certain position, then the team will change their routine to fit that.

Heidi Welker’s favorite moment from being in cheer so far this year is practicing homecoming routines. She said, “It’s so fun and I think my favorite thing overall is learning the dances that we do.” The cheerleaders are one big family because they can all get along with each other. The girls have their moments where they will get into disagreements with one another, but often resolve it quickly. They are all respectful to one another and have fun getting stuff done.