The Night Of Pink-Out!


Jaidyn McCleary

The freshman Carter Rickards standing on the field taking a little break

Jaidyn McCleary, Writer

The 25th of October was the last football game of the season and packed with events like Senior Night and Pink Out. The seniors were introduced to everyone that night by walking down the football field with their parent(s) or guardian. The football players, cheerleaders, and Gold Dusters all took part in making the cancer sign to honor those who had cancer or is diagnosed with cancer. The cheerleaders and Gold Dusters used their pom-poms to make the sign using the colors pink and white. The JROTC cadets were with the band students playing the national anthem for all to see and hear.

The Blackcats won against the East Prairie football players with a final score of 12 to 0. Even though the Blackcats were getting tackled more compared to their score, they came together to form new strategies to win against the East Prairie team. Before halftime, player 88 Matthew Starkey – one of the senior football players – made a touchdown for his whole team and they all were jumping for joy due to it being the point that put the Blackcats in the lead.

At halftime the whole team took a break to let the other people on the field to do what they need to do. During this time the gold dusters and the cheerleaders were able to get on on the field to preform their new routines that they have practiced for weeks. Throughout the break, the coach would work with his team to implement new strategies to prevent the East Prairie team from making any new touchdowns. The players on the team would also throw the football back and forth at each other to keep their bodies active. When the team would be called in to huddle up, the water boy would bring the students water while the coach would be talking to them about their strategies before they get back in the field. When the players all come back onto the field they are in the starting position before saying the word “hike” to indicate that a new match has begun with the two teams going against each other. With all that, the Blackcats have won against the East Prairie football team. Senior night was a success and all the seniors will be missed by all of their friends that they have made in high school this year.