Who You Gonna Call? Cheerleaders!!!


Jaidyn McCleary

The girls having fun and talking about the layout of the cheer routines

Jaidyn McCleary, Writer

The cheerleaders got a new member cheering with them this winter semester. Trystin Sikes (9) is starting her cheerleading career this winter. Even though she has been considered part of the team since the beginning of the fall season, she wasn’t able to cheer for the fall games. This addition is a useful one and allows them to add more to their routine. While the girls are doing their warm-up stretches and practicing their cheers, they also have fun with the spare time that they have. Between jumping around and being silly, they still get their stuff done.

During the game, the cheerleaders were standing with the Gold Dusters while the National Anthem was being played. As the girls’ basketball team was getting ready to walk onto the court the cheerleaders made two lines for the Lady Cats to enter the court and get ready for the game. While the girls were getting ready for their first basketball game they had to handle little kids walking into the practice room. All the cheers are performed by all the girls and they are shared equally between them all with who is going to call what cheer they are going to do. The girls would have their fair share of a disagreement with one another during their free time and performance. The girls would argue over which one was the right cheer to start with or they would complain about how someone is not doing the routine right and if it was good enough. Overall the girls respect each other and care for one another equally.

The only senior of the cheer team, Allie Moon (12) would offer the girls a ride if they needed one. Even if they had plenty of time before a game or running late, she would step up. Even if she didn’t feel like driving to pick up the two sisters, Heidi Welker (10) and Trystin Sikes (9) due to them being the only people that live further out she would.

Each one of these girls is unique and special in their own way. Some may be the group’s clown to make them all laugh, some may be the mom of the group to tell them what they are not supposed to be doing. Everyone in the school loves and respects the girls. No matter what situation the girls are well prepared for what is to come in the future for the ones that are still in high school. As for Allie Moon, the girls wish her luck and hope that she will come to the games to watch them cheer without her.