Ye Merry Olde Madrigal Dinner


Cindy Cook

Curtis Lewis (12 grade) and his mother Mrs. Lewis standing for a picture before the play.

Jaidyn McCleary, Writer

Madrigal dinner is an exciting experience for everyone. The crowd doesn’t know what kind of performance they will do. This year the choir decided on doing a performance that would make many people laugh and feel like they were an actual part of the play. The choir students made sure that all the guests felt welcomed by going out into the crowd and having fun conversations with them. This year they performed The Jester “The Body” Ventures Forth. The choir students wanted to make it in honor of their choir teacher, Lisa Lewis. She is retiring this year and them singing just makes Mrs. Lewis’ day.

The choir sang two songs each and another song in honor of all the seniors that are leaving this year. Mixed Choir’s first song was “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” and their second song was “Ring! Christmas Bells.” Concert Choir’s first song was “Ding-a Ding-a Ding” which was an acapella song. Their second song was “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” which was a really pretty piece performed with only 16 students in that choir class. When it was time for all the choir students to sing a song together, they all went back into their places and started to perform “Singin’ on Christmas Morn.”

The King was played by Senior Curtis Lewis, who’s role was to be on the royal court. He was the only person who could give out punishments for whatever it is the person was blamed for. He made you do different types of punishments. For instance, being put in the stocks, have you spell out your last name with your bottom, do the chicken dance, or even sing a song requested by the king. You would have to sing that song in front of everyone who was there.

The Jester was played by Faith Smothers and Mertonsire was played by Atira Williams, both seniors. Even though they were eligible in the script, they did not want to be on the royal court. They both loved their roles that were given to them by Mrs. Lewis after they had auditioned for that part. During one of the acts, the Jester and Mertonsire had to fight with baguettes and one of them had broken in half and flew in between the isle. There were many other people that had a role in this magnificent night.

Kaitlyn Maas (11), played the role of Queen Wence of the Kingdom of Jibber. Accompanying the Queen were her two sons, the Not Too Bad Really, played by Landon McClanahan (10) and Oliver the Fair, played by Troy McGee (9). Landon McClanahan made sure that the guests had a fun experience by making them laugh with stuff that wasn’t even in the script. All the students did a wonderful job at keeping the guests entertained with making them do a punishment or just having a fun conversation with them.

The night was magical. The room was filled with laughter and silliness. Everyone had a fun night while putting on this wonderful show for the audience to enjoy and to fill their spirits with Christmas joy. That night was one of the best performances that the choir has done. Lets see what they come up with next year.