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The 2021-2022 Deca Members.

Lizzie Crouch, Writer

DECA has been in an organization our school has participated in for six years and for many of those years the members saw much success. Great achievements were made, and student involvement was high, but unfortunately like many other things, Covid affected all of this. Competitions and activities were limited and less was able to happen because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the virus effect is no longer a setback and the club is back in motion with second-year director, Mrs. Bond.

FHS is lucky to have Mrs. Bond as the director because she is an experienced and well-rounded leader, who knows how business-oriented clubs work. Mrs. Bond has been a district advisor for FBLA for four years and has been a part of that organization for 10 years. Mrs. Bond explains this, “I understand the importance of these organizations through my experience with DECA and FBLA, being in these clubs builds confidence and I like being able to show students that there are other things out there.”

This year the club started off strong with monthly meetings discussing the plans for the year and sharing information for new members. To maintain all of the work that goes into operating all of the activities, they nominated and voted for officers to do the duties. This year’s elected officers are; President – Katie Rohan (12), Vice President – Lizzie Crouch (11), Secretary – Rylie Rehkop (11), Treasure – Vinny brown (12). Once the officers were elected and the members had officially joined by paying their dues, the students and directors decided to hold an induction where members would make a pledge to honor the DECA mission. This was a new event held to help new members get a familiar feel of what a formal business event might look like. It also gave parents an opportunity to learn more about the club general.

Once they got the ball rolling, the members started practicing for their competitions. In a DECA performance, a student gets a role-play situation with time to analyze it. Then they will present their ideas and solutions in front of a judge or their “boss”. This is supposed to mimic a real-life business meeting affair. On top of brainstorming a presentation, competitors will also need to hit all of the given performance indicators. These in particular are the main things the judges look for. Performance indicators can include, “Identify factors affecting a business’s profit” and “explain the nature of marketing management”. Before they even go to districts, everyone is required to take a test. This test helps break a tie in the role-play situations.

Overall, most of the students who competed did an amazing job. Nine out of thirteen of the Fredericktown members qualified for state! This is a very exciting opportunity for the members because they get to travel all the way to Kansas City, MO. FHS wishes them the best of luck.

Jackson Smith – Principles of Finance – 1st place, State Qualifier

Leif Olson – Principles of Business Management – 1st place, State Qualifier

Katie Rohan – Retail Merchandising – 1st place, State Qualifier

Lizzie Crouch & Rylie Rehkop – Marketing Management – 1st place, State Qualifier

Ethan Marler & Garrett Marler – Financial Services – 1st place, State Qualifier

Alyssa Sample – Apparel & Accessories Marketing – 2nd place, State Qualifier

Vinny Brown & Kindal Neel – Entrepreneurship – 2nd place, State Qualifier

Paxton Clark & Micah Heisler – Travel & Tourism – 2nd place, State Qualifier

Sydney Bell & Jadon Polete – Buying & Merchandising – 3rd place, State Qualifier

McKenzie Kaligian & Anna Rodriguez – Business Law  & Ethics – 3rd place

Trista Thompson – Food Marketing – 3rd place

Jacob Henson & Ava Kemp – Hospitality Services – 4th place

Levi Yang – Principles of Hospitality & Tourism – 4th place

Erika Robbs -restaurant and foodservice management – 4th place

Lane Sikes and Jake Williams – Sports and Entertainment Marketing – 4th place