The last games…

Allie Bloom, Writer

The Blackcats boys basketball team was a little smaller than normal this year. They didn’t do as well as they wanted to but they still had some very good wins! Their season has had a lot of obstacles including the weather. Missouri had gotten had a lot of snow, rain, and sleet this winter, which resulted in the district calling off school on quite a few days, and most of the days were on game days. Even with all the weather, they still made the most out of the season.

The boys had a great start to their senior night! They started off in the lead for a good while. After halftime, they were down by 2, but they never put their heads down. They ended the game against Perryville with a score of 79-62.  This was a great accomplishment for the boys because it was important for them to end their season on a positive note. FHS is excited to see what the Blackcats have in store for next season.