More than Fun and Games


Malayna Elrod

The senior class celebrates their victory in the spirit competition.

Molly Sikes, Writer

On Friday, September 15, our school ended the week with a bang: the football homecoming pep rally. Students from all classes, freshmen to seniors, gathered at the football field to demonstrate their school spirit, or maybe just gain bragging rights by trying to win the spirit stick.

Due to renovations in the gym, the pep rally was not held in that room this year. Instead, students trekked their way down to the football field, proving again the dedication to our favorite homecoming event. (Besides the game, of course.) Once everyone arrived, all players of every fall sport were recognized on the field. The band created an exciting vibe during this part of the gathering by playing the school fight song to the tune of “On, Wisconsin!” after every single team recognition.

The next part is definitely the most entertaining part of the rally: the games. Anyone from club members to teachers was called down to the field to participate in some of the most exciting relay games Fredericktown High School has ever seen. The team relay was won by volleyball, and the class relay was won by the seniors, who ended up winning the spirit stick as well, despite efforts by all other classes to break the streak of senior wins at homecoming. This pep rally is certainly one that will be remembered for years to come.