Let’s Get Loud for the 2022 Fall Gold Dusters!



The Gold Dusters posed for a team picture on Pink Out/Senior Night.

Lizzie Crouch, Editor

The 2022 fall season was a huge success for the Gold Dusters this year. From fierce jazz performances to trendy hip-hop dances and a whole lot of pom-pom, the Gold Dusters rocked the field during each half-time performance. The team is definitely in full swing, ranging from experienced to not-so-experienced members, working hard during each practice to give it their all during their time on the field.

For the fall season, the Gold Dusters learned and perfected three dances for football games. To make their debut on September 9th, they began with a team dance to a hip-hop/jazz mix in which they performed with sharp, cheer-like moves and beautiful turns. The fans loved all the character that shined through during this dance. Their next performance was in a different setting; the girls got the opportunity to show off their new pom/jazz routine to “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer Lopez at the senior night boy’s soccer game on September 12th. This dance was very lively and fun considering that their costume consisted of flowy fringe pants that moved with every twist and turn. After performing this dance, they noted that it was the most complex routine of the season. Not only was there a perfectly synchronized kick-line, but also two of the more advanced dancers got to show off their skills. Ava Hovis (10) completed powerful turns, and Hannah Rehkop (10) did a stunning round-off back handspring. This dance was also performed at this year’s homecoming, at which their coach, Shannon Hovis, remarked, “I have never heard the crowd this loud in my eight years of coaching!”

To end their fall season, they performed a special pom routine to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson on October 7th for Pink Out/senior night. As the girls positioned themselves in their starting formation, it was announced that this dance was to “support the fighters, admire the survivors, and honor the taken” of breast cancer victims.  This performance showcased just how much strength the dancers have. The routine involved strong kicks and leaps along with powerful arm movements that were perfectly timed. It was not only a sentimental dance for those struggling with breast cancer but also for the seniors on the team. This was the last time that Brianna Noble and Ryan Nelson would dance on the FHS football field. Nevertheless, they still have plenty of time to dance with their team as they head into the upcoming basketball season!