Passing the Torch


Haley Tucker

The varsity volleyball girls doing their chant before the game starts.

Haley Tucker, Writer

The Ladycats’ volleyball season has been a success!

This year the Ladycat’s 5 seniors are Lizzie Crouch, Ryleigh Gresham, Lydia Mell, Linley Rehkop, and Rylie Rehkop. Some of their favorite memories were talking about life with other teammates, pausing their music on the bus to find Coach McFadden singing along to her music, and winning tournaments! Additionally, Lydia and Ryleigh each have a younger sister on the team. This phenomenon has brought the team dynamic to a different level this season. Ryleigh shares how this has affected her, “I’m super sad about it being my last season with my sister because playing with your sister is something that doesn’t happen often and the memories that were made with her were so exciting!”

From the bleachers, the Ladycats did amazing this season. Watching their games is very entertaining and supporting them is always fun. Against their biggest rivals, they fought hard and did well. Coach, Billie McFadden says, “We have had a great year so far and the girls are hoping to win a district banner this season. They are all hard workers and have been a great group to coach!”

I am very impressed with the volleyball girls and can’t wait to watch them play again!