It’s a Good Day to be a Blackcat!


Veronika Lindman

The senior boys standing together for a picture during senior night.

Lizzie Crouch, Editor

As the fall season comes to a close, the athletes at Fredericktown High School finish out the last few competitions of their season during the district tournaments. In addition to this, the seniors on the FHS football team have come to the conclusion that they will be putting on their pads for the last time. The district game may have been sentimental, but the seniors made sure to build up excitement throughout the team to finish out their time as a Blackcat with a bang!

For the 2022 season, there was a monumental total of twelve seniors on the team. Each played a vital role in building up the program and working towards the goals they had set for the season.  One of their biggest accomplishments as a group was being able to grow the team’s work ethic, drive, and overall pride to be a part of the Fredericktown football program. The boys fought hard during each game and pulled out some tremendous wins against Jefferson, De Soto, and  East Prairie. All in all, the seniors this year will be missed. They shared some of their favorite memories, advice, and their overall experience of being a part of the FHS football team to reminisce on their time as Blackcats.

“High School football is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; treat it as such” — Michael Akins

“There are going to be ups and downs. No matter what happens and what the outcome is, you’ve gotta keep your head up and look for the good things and build off of them.”— Eli Aslinger

“Hitting Hunter Hennen my freshman year—and having to stop the practice—is my favorite memory from football.”— Tj Bowling

“I never knew the season would go by this fast. I had a lot of fun, and I’ll miss the coaches and my teammates.” — Lakota Cowling

“My best memory is hitting Coach Whitener’s car.” — Jordan Collier

“Be the hammer, not the nail.” — Cooper Durr (quoting Coach Whitener)

“Playing Jefferson was my favorite memory because during the summer they said they would beat us, but they didn’t.” — Koda Hodge

“My favorite memory is scoring the game-winning touchdown on homecoming night.” — Garrett Marler

“The best memory from football is the team turning the locker room into a zoo.”— Dylan Porter

“Stealing Dylan Porter’s game pants has to be my favorite memory from football.”— Isaac Smith

“My favorite memory is making my first catch in a game sophomore year.” – Jesse Stacy

“You guys really think we can win this game?” — Andrew Starkey