New Year, New Goals


Haley Tucker, Writer

Creating goals for the new year is important for many people. For example, a person could have a goal to exercise more, eat healthier, or read for an hour every day. The question is: do the people who set these goals actually meet them?

With goal setting, it is crucial to asses if the goal is smart and reachable. If unrealistic goals are set, then the goal seeker is setting themselves up for failure. The result of unworkable goals could makes a person unmotivated, or uninterested in the task. In addition it could also affect the future of setting other goals. 

Some ways to help achieve meeting a new goal could be to set reminders on a cell phone device, have a friend or adult close by to help with accontablility, making a plan by outlining how to achieve the specific goal, or working towards the goal little by little. If these tips don’t seem to be appealing, a goal setter can always try something else out.

Most of importantly when accomplishing something, it should be celebrated! Looking back at the progress that was made should be glamorized. The excitement of achieving even a tiny step can lead to significant motivation to follow the rest of a goal accomplishing journey. 

Expecting to meet every goal that set, is a goal in itself, and not meeting every single goal is okay. These were just a few ways that can help you meet your new goals for the new year!