The Smartest Sport


Jacob Henson

Haley Tucker (10), Cooper Durr(12), Gage Betts (11), and Clara Basden (10) all hurrying to figure out an answer to a math problem.

Jacob Henson, writer

Against popular opinion, Scholar Bowl is a sport and the smartest one at that! Scholar Bowl may not involve physical exertion to participate but it does involve a lot of brain power. Scholar Bowl also needs teamwork, practice, and strategy. The team consists of 14 players and has practiced hard this year. The last game they played was against Bismarck, Farmington, and Caledonia. 

The team is competing well this year. All the students have put in so much work. The varsity team consists of seniors (Sam Coleman, Cooper Durr, and Isaac Pirtle) and juniors (Gage Betts, Nathaniel White, Ruben Pirtle, and Braden Braswell). The junior varsity team is made up of sophomores (Clara Basden, Justice Bowman, Ella Clauser, Haley Tucker, and Shaylee Davis) and freshmen (Carter Hale and Shelby Kennedy).

Scholar Bowl is a game that is split into three matches. Each team is asked a random question from one of the categories, including, English, science, mathematics, history, and many more. The sport is so difficult because of the 5-second time limit for answering questions, with an additional 5 seconds added for mathematics. In answering questions, there is no room for mistakes or second guesses. You have to think quickly on your feet. 

Scholar Bowl may not be a sport that is physical but it is still a very hard sport. It requires mental strength, concentration, and quick thinking. The Scholar Bowl is still a sport that takes hard work and determination as our team has shown this year. The school district is very proud of our Scholar Bowl students for not only competing well but for representing our school well. Congratulations to all of the students who competed this year!