Spring Brings Running


Haley Tucker

Reid Simmons (9) running in the 1600m event while being encouraged by Coach Garrity.

Haley Tucker, Writer

The Blackcats’ first junior varsity track meet was on March 29th at North County High School. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too warm, so it was a good day for a track meet. The team was ready to compete against the others.

The Blackcats did very well. Our boys’ team got 4th place and the girls’ team got 9th place. We had 10 students medal, some in multiple events. Many of our students also made new personal records! How did these students feel?

Maddie Phares made a new personal record in the 1600m; she says, “I feel happy and satisfied.”

Owen Henson was excited to make a new personal record in discus: “I feel very happy and it was a huge PR for me. It was my first time medaling, and I was overwhelmed with emotions. It was a good experience!”

Another student who made a new personal record in discus was Maisyn Moser. She thinks that she has a lot of room for improvement.

The last person was Zac Botbyl, who made a new personal record in the 200m; he said that he feels very accomplished.

Many of the students who participated in this track meet did a great job. With this being only the third track meet of the year, and the first junior varsity meet, the runners will continue to get stronger and better. Make sure to check out when the next track meet is to come support our town’s team!