New Voices

Jacob Henson, Writer

The pop concert this year was a thrilling event. It was Mrs. Dewey’s first year organizing the concert, as she had taken over for Mrs. Lewis. The concert was themed after the popular TV show, The Voice, which added an extra level of excitement to the already highly anticipated event. 

Several students stood out with their amazing solo performances. Kaitlynn Sandman (12), Kaitlyn Maas (12), Josē Siebert (12), Kylie Baca (11), Leanne Tull (11), Ania McLaughlin (12), and Kristina McCleary (9) all wowed the audience with their incredible singing voices. Each solo was unique and showcased the individual talents of each performer. 

Kylie Baca (11) and McKenzie Kaligian (11) performing their duet. (Jacob Henson)

Another performance wowed the crowd, and that was the duet between McKenzie Kaligian (11) and Kylie Baca (11). McKenzie had originally planned to perform a solo, but unfortunately, she developed a sinus infection that prevented her from singing. Despite this setback, she still took to the stage and delivered an outstanding performance alongside Kylie. The two girls’ voices blended beautifully, and the audience was left in awe. 

The concert was a night to remember, and Mrs. Dewey did an outstanding job organizing the event. The lighting, the sound, and the overall atmosphere were all perfect. The stage was set up beautifully in a style reminiscent of The Voice.

Overall, the pop concert was a massive success. It showcased the immense talent of the school’s students and provided an opportunity for them to shine. It’s clear that the pop concert is in good hands and will continue to be a highlight of the school year.