Michael the Magical Mini-Fridge


Skylar Tarkington and Easton Elrod

Michael The Magical Mini-Fridge was a cool guy. He had a voice that would give you chills. However, there was only one problem with Michael: he was lonely. He felt empty as if there was nothing inside. Michael searched for anything that could fill the void inside him. At first he thought it was just boredom. He tried playing hockey, playing video games, and writing some novels. In the end, nothing fit him well. He wasn’t very good at hockey, he got tired of no scoping all the noobs, and he never finished The Chronicles of Super Fridge. He sat in his kitchen for weeks trying to find his purpose.  

Then he had a revelation; he needed a friend. He didn’t like Trevor The Toaster because he was too hot headed and got heated in every argument. He didn’t like Daisy The Dishwasher either. She was all washed up. Then he found the one: Mindy the Microwave. She was perfect. She was warm and friendly. At first their friendship was just a casual thing. They often talked about how crazy Daisy was. Eventually, their friendship blossomed into something more. They started dating. Their relationship was spectacular. For the first time in a long time, Michael felt happy. They did everything together. They watched movies, played mini golf, and pulled pranks on Daisy. They loved hanging out with Mindy’s friend Carl the Cabinet. Carl and Mindy had been friends ever since they met, and eventually Michael and Carl became the best of friends. They watched football, played video games, and would mess with Trevor to see how heated he could get. It seemed like nothing could come between them except one thing: Mindy. For years, Carl had a crush on Mindy, but he never had the cheese balls to tell her how he really felt. He tried several times, but he always backed out or changed the subject. For years these failed attempts followed him, and he began to lose hope until one fateful day.  

It started off as any other day: Michael was at work because of his recent shift change, so Carl and Mindy decided to hangout until Michael came home. They were just watching some Netflix on the kitchen T.V. when Carl made his move. Carl slowly placed his handle around her. He leaned in close and went for it. Carl was instantly rejected. Mindy told Carl that it wasn’t right even when Michael is at work. Carl then claimed that Michael isn’t at work, but instead with Daisy. This quickly changed Mindy’s mind. 

This encounter became regular until Michael came home one day to surprise Mindy on their anniversary. Michael brought flowers and pizza rolls; excited to surprise Mindy. Little did he know that Mindy was going to surprise him. He walked in on her and Carl profusely making out. Michael instantly dropped everything and ran. 

Michael fell into a deep depression. The two most important people in his life had betrayed him. He was back where he started: a dark pit of depression where his hopes and dreams came to die. He would ask the question, “Is it worth the struggle?” He had nothing and nobody. He thought he found his place in life. He had his friend, his girlfriend, a job, and everything was looking up, but life liked to kick Michael right back down the hole he lived in his whole life. Michael had enough of life, and it seemed that life had enough of him. One night, Michael lined up at the edge of the counter. He knew that if he jumped, his plug would come out of the wall and he would be no more. At this point, he didn’t care. As soon as he scooted to the edge of the counter, a miracle happened. He was saved…or so he thought.  

Scared out of his mind, he didn’t know what to do. It was dark, scary, and smelled like dirty gym socks. Michael had no idea where he was or where he was going. Michael was stuck in the trunk of the car for six days, and he only had his self-depreciating thoughts to comfort him. He cried himself through the fearful situation. Then, he saw light. 

A shadowy figure began to reach for him. Michael tried to move but to no avail. He was at the mercy of this unknown person. Michael was carried into a building with many rooms, all numbered. He and the mysterious figure entered the room labelled B-53. The Man sat Michael on the desk next to the window. His senses started to come back to him. He could start to make out some of his surroundings. It was a small room with two bunk beds and two small desks. The walls were plain white and bare. There were boxes littered all over the floor.  It seemed as if someone was moving in. It was a college dorm! Then, Michael realized who he was with. The family he lived with had an older son that had graduated high school and was getting ready to go off to college. He couldn’t remember his name however. Michael was startled by a voice yelling “Mitchell!” That’s right, how could he forget! When Michael was first brought home, Mitchell, being the little kid he was, was mesmerized by a mini-fridge. Michael liked Mitchell’s name, but he didn’t want to be a copy cat so he decided to use Michael instead of his real name; a sore subject that Michael never really liked to bring up.     

“Mitch, we have a package for you. It’s from your mom.”  

“Just set it next to the mini-fridge.” 

Mitchell walked over to the box, scissors in hand. He sliced open the box with excitement. It was a care package full of food. He started rummaging through the food, eating some while doing so. His mom sent him his favorite cranberry-grape juice. He placed the juice in his mini-fridge. Michael was instantly overwhelmed with delight. Was this really what he was missing this whole time? He realized just how great food was. People will betray you but food never will. Food will always be there for you. When Michael finally realized this, he finally felt the true emotion of happiness.