Big Bad Wolf


Lizzie Crouch

Author, Abi Stookey (11), posing for a picture with her favorite pencil.

Lizzie Crouch, Writer

In Mrs. Nicholson’s creative writing class the students were assigned to research the art of poetry. The topic of the poem they were supposed to write was about animals and Abi Stookey (11) picked crows, wolves, and lyrebirds. Abi found the task easy because her thoughts flowed together very creatively. The theme of her poem is very meaningful because it is based on the thoughts of depression and anxiety, showing how running from the wolf is like running from your problems.



Oh, my big bad wolf,

Why must you howl?

That nagging little growl,

Must you follow me, even here?


Following, ever following close behind

No matter how far I go, how far I run,

You’ll always be in my ear

A threat, a fear.


You keep pace here, everyday

For you know well I’ll wear down

Long before you’re forced to give.

Oh my big bad wolf, my friend.


For there you have always been,

My guardian, my friend.

My tortuous friend,

Always close at my side.


Here here lie our options, my captor,

A chain, or compromise.

This race must come to an end,

Oh, my big bad wolf…