Spirit, Sportsmanship, Strong Bonds: What Makes Cheer Important


Anja Francis

Seniors Anne White, Leah Lindsey, and Caylee Wright cheering on the Blackcats at Homecoming 2018

Molly Sikes, Editor

Countless late nights relentlessly cheering on our football team, school spirit, and sportsmanship—these are what make four years of cheering on the Blackcats Cheer Squad so memorable. I spoke with the four senior cheerleaders about their experience cheering for the Fredericktown Blackcats.

Firstly, when asked about the most important thing to each of the girls, they all answered the same: friendship. Anne White emphasized how the team bonding makes this squad better than other squads with which she has cheered. Megan Bailes had this to say: “I think [the cheerleaders all being friends] makes us work better . . . . As cheer went on, our friendship grew stronger.” The girls all agree that having tight bonds makes the squad smile more and work together better when it comes to stunts and cheers. They also support each other better when they fail. Caylee Wright’s favorite part of cheer was, in fact, trying new stunt groups for that exact reason. “We keep going until we’ve got it down. There may be a lot of falling and getting a little hurt, but we never give up.” The girls are also excited to make new friends when basketball season starts and more girls are added to the squad.

The girls also value hard work and passion for the team; Leah Lindsey, cheer captain, especially felt that she worked hard this year. “You have to give 110%, or there isn’t a point in being a part of it . . . . Being captain this year, I had to step out of my comfort zone to make this team the best it can be for me and my girls.” Having fewer cheerers on the team may have made it more difficult, but the squad stays optimistic and gives us all they have at every game. Make sure you catch the cheerleaders during basketball season with new members and even stronger bonds than before.