Sweetheart candidates from left to right
Sophomore Mayce Seabaugh, sophomore Dalton Mueller, junior Daniel Bathe, junior Lidia Myers, freshman Devon Souden, freshman Reagan Asher


March 15, 2019

Some pelicans model for Ian Kemp's drawing at the zoo.

Art and Animals

April 6, 2018

Anne White rockin' a stylish hat for Hat Day.

FFA Week

March 12, 2018

FFA members whipping and nae nae-ing

Barnwarmin’ 2017

December 18, 2017

Basketball Cheer Squad Members Announced

Molly Sikes, Writer

November 15, 2017

The results are in! Here are the members of the 2017-18 Basketball Cheer Squad: Seniors: Jacquelyn Cowsert Juniors: Megan Bailes, Katelyn White, Leah Lindsey, Caylee Wright Freshmen: Kaidyn Harper, Cameron Lindsey, Danielle...