Art and Animals


Molly Sikes

Some pelicans model for Ian Kemp’s drawing at the zoo.

Molly Sikes, Writer

Molly Sikes
Ryska Berkbuegler’s drawing board

On March 28, the day before spring break started, the art club kicked off the vacation right with an all-day trip to the St. Louis Zoo. Their assignment was to view the animals and draw at least one, capturing it in its habitat. Some members drew several animals on their drawing boards, but most members chose to draw only one so that they could explore the zoo for a longer amount of time without having to stop and sketch. The artists spent about an hour and a half roaming and drawing, then met up at a cafe to compare and show off their work. Animals drawn included hyenas, penguins, puffins, bears, butterflies, and big cats. It was interesting to see the variety of style and animal favorites within the sixteen members that attended.

Molly Sikes
The members of art club gather with Ms. Morie at the steps in the entrance of the zoo.
Back row (left to right): Katelyn Francis, Autumn Settle, Ian Kemp, Mallory Jackson
Second Row: Brianna Berry, Katelyn White, Rilee Minx, Malayna Elrod, Katie Buckmann
Third Row: Nena Raley, Brittany Francis
Front: Ella Sikes, Alex Sikes, Ryska Berkbuegler, Aalihya Wehner, Taylor Cotton