Art Club: Tie-Dyeing


Ruth Walker

Piper Morgan attempting to tie dye her shirt.

Ruth Walker, Writer

On the 18th of November, the Art Club had an extra-fun and special meeting where they tie-dyed their club shirts. Their club shirts are very unique compared to everyone else’s club shirts. The tie-died shirts made them stand out in the yearbook club photos. These shirts also let the Art Club members express themselves.

All the members showed up to the meeting with their plain, white t-shirts ready for dyeing. Mrs. Smithey had set upĀ  stations for each color of dye. Each member was given the chance to choose what technique they could use to dye their shirts. An example of the dyeing techniques was that they would wrap their shirts around a wooden cylinder and dye it like that. This technique would create a stripe-like pattern.

Once the members were done tie-dyeing their shirts, Mrs. Smithey gave them a bag to put their shirts in so they could take their shirts home without having to make a mess. Mrs. Smithey told them to soak it once they get home and then throw it in the washer without soap.

The Art Club meets every Monday. You can join Art Club or go to the meetings any time you want; you just need to fill out a BASE form. The next big event the Art Club has is next semester near spring.