Ruth Walker
Ruth is a very loud and energetic girl. If not at school, she's probably lost in a book. She enjoys reading, and writing due to it giving her a way to escape out of the real world and into the words on the pages. Her hobbies include photography, however she loves art and music. She also sings and plays piano. Ruth is a very emotional person, and she uses art to express her passion. Her favorite sport is soccer, but she also does cross country. She enjoys running and being active. She has two younger brothers that she would anything for. Ruth enjoys collecting retro things like record players and cassette tapes. She 15 records. If she could, Ruth would go back to live in the 80's. She was born in the wrong generation, she often quotes. When she graduates she hopes to become a child psychologist and help kids out of bad situations around the world.

Ruth Walker, Writer

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Ruth Walker