Coach Huff: Always There To Help

Ruth Walker, Writer

Weight-lifting coach by day, softball coach by afternoon—Coach Huff loves helping kids reach their goals. That’s why he coaches: he loves seeing how far the kids go and how they have improved.

Although Coach Huff has been coaching for seven years, only three of those years were spent coaching softball. He is the assistant coach for the baseball team in the spring. He is also the middle school’s boys weightlifting coach. Coach Huff also taught five years of special education. Overall, he has been teaching for six years.

When asked what his favorite part about coaching and teaching is, his response was, “I just love being around the game and being around the kids.” He likes being able to take things he’s done in the past to help kids get to where they want to be. If kids want to get better at softball or baseball and play those sports in college, he tries to help them get to that point.

Brezlyn Boswel, a junior, described Coach Huff as very passionate about softball and helping. “The team has improved a ton since he started coaching,” she says. “He is a really good coach.” Addi Lewis, a sophomore,  says, “[Coach Huff] is not just the coach that yells at you. You can have serious talks with him, but you can also make fun jokes with him, and he will always be there to help you and support you for whatever you are doing.”