A Trip to the Museum!


Molly Sikes

Spanish III student Millie McDowell views a bust in the STL Art Museum

Molly Sikes, Editor

Last Thursday, a group of students were transported to the St. Louis Art Museum to view and analyze certain works of art. The two groups that were sent on the trip were Mrs. Ellsworth’s Spanish III class and Mrs. Smithey’s advanced art class.

The art classes were given a piece of art that they had to find and describe. Then, they had to pick their own work that they wished to write a descriptive essay on. The students had to take a picture of themselves with the painting or sculpture to prove they found it themselves, and then describe the essay in detail on a later date. The artists loved learning about professional works and new art styles they may not have been exposed to before.

The Spanish classes were less structured to assignments, but they were encouraged to pay close attention to the Spanish-speaking artists’ works. They later wrote a journal entry about what they did that day. The Spanish classes also got to eat at a Mexican restaurant to further expose them to Spanish-speaking culture.

A piece of art that the majority of the students were interested in was a media piece on the top floor. It was a video playing in a dark room with music, and the art on the video morphed and shifted. A lot of the students were captivated by the piece; it drew everyone in.

The students thank Mr. Gibbs for allowing them to take this trip, and it will continue to be a yearly tradition in the future.