FTA: Teachers in Training

Liz Hinkle, Writer

You might be wondering: what is FTA? FTA stands for Future Teachers of America. Their mission is to prepare high school students for success in their own classroom one day. I got the opportunity to talk to Alyssa Sample, a freshman, who decided to join FTA. She said that she absolutely loves it and she can’t wait for future trips with more opportunities.

Alyssa said the best thing and the reason why she joined the club was because of how good it looked on college applications. It is nice to see freshmen starting to think about college now and face their fears of public speaking. At an FTA conference, Alyssa spoke in front of thousands of people. She said at the beginning she felt nervous and anxious, but after she got up there and started talking everything started coming naturally.

I asked Alyssa about her future and where she sees herself teaching, and she told me about how she doesn’t want to teach normal education. She plans on opening up her own music school with her close friend Mario. She is a very talented young girl and wants to teach what she knows and loves to children. Some of the things she talked to me about regarding teaching was signing, playing piano, guitar, and even teaching some form of martial arts.

FTA is always looking for new members; if you are interested in joining, talk to Mrs. Jenkins about membership. There is a trip coming up next semester, so sign up before then!