Ending the Fall Season with a Spin


Anja Francis

Layni Kinkead (10)

Lucy Pham, Writer

All good things must come to an end. However the Gold Dusters do not! The Gold Duster season spans throughout the fall and winter, giving us many chances to see their amazing performances.

With three new different dances, the girls repeatedly exceed the expectations of the audience. Their first official performance of the season was “Go Girl” by Baby Bash and choreographed by NDA, one of the various dances they learnt during summer dance camp.This dance was performed at the yearly fall bonfire with the football team, cheer team, and band in attendance. However their most tear-jerking dance was performed at the Pink Out Football game to respect and raise awareness for those with breast cancer. The song was “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” by Martina McBride. And as for their last presentation, they danced to “Everytime” by Cascada, choreographed by Mackenzie Rice.

Even though the fall season has ended, they are preparing for the winter stretch with many new performances, including their Christmas dance and Competition dances. “My goal is to have more diverse dances this time, with a different performances every game,” says their coach Shannon Hovis. Meaning the girls have a lot of work ahead of them! So wish them luck and be prepared another wonderful performance!