Lucy Pham
From 8,977 miles away, comes a girl from the little corner of Tra Vinh, Vietnam. At first glance, Lucy Pham seems like your average Asian with a height complex. But once you get to know her, you'll discover she is an avid fan of sleep although she never gets it. If not found in her bed (not sleeping), you can find her childhood being slaved away at her parents shop for little to no pay. Besides the struggles with her self proclaimed "child labor", she enjoys many activities including, but not limited to, cooking, reading and NOT killing her various houseplants (I'm talking to you Paxton Clark).

With 2 years of highschool left, Lucy has no idea what she wants to achieve with her life. Known for having horrible luck and the inability to complete projects, she wants to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering but doubts she'll go through with it. Despite of her unwillingness to proceed with her future, she can however determine that she has an unhealthy addiction to Orange Mt. Dew Kickstart.

Lucy Pham, Editor

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Lucy Pham