It’s Good to Have Goals


Lucy Pham, Editor

With the boys fall soccer season coming to an end, the high school soccer career of the seniors does as well. Through thick and thin, high and low, the boys have gone through it all. The October 18th game was the boys’ Senior Night against Perryville. Sadly the final score was 0-3, but the boys played hard, often frustrating the opposing team. The 2021 Boys Soccer team has two seniors, both varsity. Brandon Dowd and Max Kopitsky have both been playing soccer for all 4 years of high school. They have also played soccer previously before their high school career.

Brandon is one of two captains of the boys’ soccer team. He has been playing since elementary, and this experience has taught him many skills. With his leadership and mentoring, the group of underclassmen has improved and learned to play as a team. Being in the top quarter of his class, Brandon has high expectations for his future. “My plans for the future is to go to Jefferson College for psychology.”

Max Kopitsky is a varsity member of the team. He plays many different positions but his favorite is mid-field. Although he enjoys being on the pitch, he hates playing with his glasses. Between sweat and general rough-housing, Max is always worried about his glasses falling off. “They’ve already broke twice this season,” he states. His plans for the future are to attend Mineral Area College to get an associates degree. After he receives his degree, he plans on majoring in computer science and information technology at a different four-year university. His favorite moment is when “Coach McCoy bought the whole team pizza.”

Losing 11 seniors hurt the team last year, but the younger classmen are stepping up to improve the team. With lasting and memorable advice from this year’s seniors, the boys’ soccer team is destined for greatness. “I’ll miss the fact that we’re a family on the team,” states Captain Brandon Dowd. Although the season has been slow, the Blackcats have taken this as a learning experience. They don’t have many games left, but you can go support our boys in the upcoming district tournaments.