Shooting with Strength

Haley Tucker, Writer

The Blackcats soccer team has fought hard this season. On October 19th, they played Cape Central, which was a tough game. Although they lost, they pushed themselves to do their best. They played well this season. Coach Leo Sikes says, “This group has faced a lot of adversity, but they have battled through it and have come out stronger for it. They really came together as a team, and the seniors will have a lot of good memories to look back on.”

The junior varsity team is made up of freshmen and sophomores. So far, they have five wins, two losses, and one tie. Some of the freshmen and sophomores also play up on the varsity team. For certain players, the dynamics and standards of playing on varsity are difficult. Despite the difficulties, Xander Cassidy’s favorite part of the season was teamwork. Gage Montgomery, a freshman who plays for both junior varsity and varsity, liked the friendships that the season brought him. 

Overall, we can all agree that the Blackcats played well and overcame a lot this season.