Boys Soccer Pink Out


Miguel Millan (9) getting the ball from a Saxony player.

Keira Haferkamp, Writer

On October 14, 2020 the Blackcat Soccer Team played their Pink-Out game against Saxony Lutheran. Our boys played a good game and did their best. The Pink-Out game was very lively and good energy was present throughout the crowds. There was also a good amount of people that showed up to support them as well. Fredericktown Boys Soccer has many talented and dedicated players. They always try their hardest no matter who they play and consistently put up a good fight. These boys love the game. All of them play different sports or are in different activities while also being in the boys soccer team. FHS is extremely proud and just genuinely very excited of our boys soccer team.

Thankfully, the COVID—19 global pandemic did not effect the teams players very harshly like the other fall sports teams. However, they still went though a couple changes due to the pandemic. Many of the players were required to try and stay six feet apart at all times except for playing, and to wear masks while sitting next to each other on the bench. As per school regulations, any student on the soccer team and anyone in general were required to go into quarantine if they had been exposed. That did put our team down at times but they continued to charge through to have an amazing season. Multiple members of the team believe that while the Covid-19 pandemic was an issue to worry about – especially as teamwork is a large part of the game – they do agree that they did have an amazing season and that they will continue to try their hardest as they push through towards their last game of the season.

Even with the issue of a global pandemic the FHS soccer team has continued to press on, and finish out their season with a hit! According to a member of the boys soccer team Triston Lunsford (10), “Though it was a lot harder this year with the Covid-19 restrictions, we still continued to work together and be the best team we could be.” The Pink-Out game this year especially hit close to home with all the cancer related deaths due to Covid-19. In remembrance of these heroes – not only those who have passed away from cancer of any kind – but continue to fight everyday, the head soccer coach, Jamie McCoy, had students from his foreign language classes, and anyone who wanted to write a paper for whoever they would like to honor at the Pink-Out game. The FHS soccer team also wore pink shirts that night with the quote “Who Do You Play For?” Over one hundred people were honored that night, and the students at FHS continue to honor all of those who have fought, and continue to fight cancer along with any other illness every single day. We are extremely proud of our amazing and talented soccer team and their contributions to not only our school, but to our community.