Are You Still Watching? – Football Homecoming 2021


Rylie Rehkop

Seniors cheering for Josh Hunt (12) during Mr. Blackcat.

Homecoming is the most awaited day all football season. It’s a week of preparation, excitement, and school spirit. This year was quite revolutionary for Fredericktown High School. Our increase in school spirit has had a positive affect on the administration, which led to lax rules on dress up days. Between excitement brought on by StuCo and the competitiveness of the grades, we made this homecoming a one to remember.

Starting the week off, those who walked into school were met with well decorated hallways that mirrored our dress-up days. This year’s theme was Netflix shows: Monday – All-American, Tuesday – Outer Banks, Wednesday – The Ranch, Thursday – That 70s Show, and Friday – Lights Out. The themes for the days were quite repetitive of the years before, but this year’s students put a spin on it and went above and beyond with the themes. A large amount of students dressed up this year, making the annual contest intense and fun between the grades.

Seniors Molly Hill, Emma Revelle, and Libby Montgomery on Outer Banks themed dress up day.

The annual pep rally was once again brought to the football field to comply with COVID restrictions. It started off with introducing homecoming candidates and a fun game for the contestants. The queen candidates had to put makeup on the king candidates. However, there was a twist: they had to put it on behind the boys! Met with great resistance from Grant Ebert (12), the male queens were finally ready for judging. The “queen” who won was Lane Sikes (12), and his excellent makeup partner, Olivia Buxton (12). Moving on, the next features were the sport teams. And what better way to show off physical prowess other than Tug of War! With the help of volunteers Marshall Long (12) and Joseph Robs (12), the cross country team shredded the competition into the finals against the football team. However, their luck ran out, and after a hard fight, the cross country team lost to the football team. The football team moved on to play against the teachers, but got absolutely destroyed by the teacher team. Included in the pep rally were fun games with crowd volunteers like pie eating, clothes folding, and stuck in the mud.

The Blackcat football team embarrassingly losing against the FHS teacher team during “Tug of War.”

To conclude the rally, the event Mr. Blackcat took place. Mr. Blackcat contestants: Andrew Cox (9), Koby Wood (10), Garrett Marler (11), Devon Souden (12), and the reigning king Josh Hunt (12) competed for the title by showing off their personality through questions and talents. Some of it was a show of strength such as push ups, arm wrestling, and most infamously, the “Stanky Leg” by Josh Hunt. It was safe to say Josh Hunt kept his title of the king.

Senior Josh Hunt performing the infamous “Stanky Leg,” that stank up the whole field.

Homecoming is the most popular event of the fall season, and this year we did not disappoint! With school spirit and competitiveness between the grades, the standards have been set high for future events. Everyone had fun and the atmosphere that was created made this homecoming one to remember.