Senior Night: Football 2019 Overview


Malachi Kyle (11) being stopped 20 yards from the goal.

Lucy Pham, Writer

All the practices and all the games build up to this one night. For the seniors this is true. Some have been playing all their lives, and some might have just started in high school. But for all, it’s the same, they love the sport. October 25 was 2019’s senior night against the East Prairie Eagles. The game was neck to neck, but the team pulled through with a 36-35 win. Full of touchdowns and interceptions, the play was intense and had the crowd on their toes.

With an overall record of 3-6 the team has made a lot of progress over the season. Through wind and rain, the boys have been giving their all every game. However personal determination isn’t the only thing keeping them going. Every game I’ve been to has shown that they have overwhelming moral and teamwork. When the stress of the game becomes too much, they help calm each other down to avoid conflicts during the play. The Coaches also aid the team immensely. With relentless practices and strategical plays, they constantly strive to improve the team.

But is football going to be their future? Many of the seniors have plans to go to college to pursue a career or go straight into the workforce. Even so, their years of football won’t be forgotten and many plan to keep it up as a hobby. Football has given them many memories they state, albeit good or bad.

Even though the play-offs may be over, they still have Districts starting November 1st. These upcoming games determine their ability to go to state, and with their constant progress, they’re sure to succeed. But for now, we can only cheer them on and wish for their success.

Number 2, Malachi Kyle (11)
Number 2, Malachi Kyle (11) attempting to break free
Number 27 Hunter Hennen (11)