Who Do YOU Play For?


Dylan Porter (10) on the sidelines watching his teammates play.

Keira Haferkamp, Writer

Pink Out—why do we do it? All of our players appreciate it and participate in it for different reasons. Pink out games are a school-wide event that most of our school sports have. It is to show support and awareness for breast cancer and other cancers that take or change many peoples’ lives. Our players dress in pink uniforms or items and play hard for cancer. They usually decorate their field and themselves to show support and motivation. Pink Out Night unites our players by making them play for all one reason: cancer.

October 16, 2020, was also our football teams’ Homecoming game along with Pink Out. Homecoming is the event of the year, as it is what our team has been training for all season. During the week, starting on Monday, we show our support for our boys by dressing up with different themes every day. For the 2020 school year, Monday’s theme was America Monday, Tuesday’s theme was Throw-Down Tuesday, Wednesday’s theme was Color War Wednesday, Thursday’s theme was Tie-Dye Thursday, and Friday’s theme was Black and Gold. We built up our spirit all week long to give our players motivation for the big game.  That Friday afternoon we honored not only the 2020 football team, but our entire faculty and staff at our annual pep rally. We invited the players of all the sports and academics at our school to enjoy a variety of games and activities to “pump them up” for the big game later that evening.

On Friday night, our own Fredericktown Blackcats played against the Potosi Trojans. They played a good game against the Trojans and didn’t take a major loss. The final score ended up being 18—34, Potosi. Leading in the first half of the game, the Blackcats were only two points behind the Trojans and were very hopeful. Though we did not win our game, we are more than proud of our boys and feel honored to have such amazing players on our FHS football team. These boys have always been hard working and overcame any challenges they’ve faced. The team even powered through a COVID—19 scare a couple weeks before this important game. They were quarantined for two weeks, which was a major setback for them, but they got back on the field right on time. Even though these boys had a couple setbacks and some inconveniences, they got back into the swing of things fairly quickly. Given their circumstances, they played a good game against the Trojans and gave them a challenge.