Cheer: Plans for the Future


Mayce Seabaugh (11) performing their score cheer

Lucy Pham, Writer

Being a cheerleader isn’t permanent, and life goes on after high school. Some may choose another path, and some may want to do cheer through college. Nonetheless, be it a positive or negative experience, their cheer experience through high school will be with them forever.

Stunts, cheers and dances aren’t the only things you learn during cheer. As a cheerleader you can learn many things: morals, motivation, and teamwork. These things teach you how to interact with your peers and community and can also make you a better person. The physical aspect of it can also be a healthy change to your lifestyle too.

Sophomore Allie Moon states, “Cheer has taught me that nothing works unless you have a positive attitude and are willing to work with other people. I’ll make sure to stay in a happy environment and be open to other people’s ideas.” After high school she has plans on using these aspects towards her career as a writer or a nurse.

Allie may choose to completely forego cheer throughout her college career, but junior Mayce Seabaugh is the opposite, choosing to do cheer throughout college and study in interior design. “I still have one more year left, and it’s definitely been hard, but we have the most hardworking and dedicated cheerleaders. I wouldn’t want to spend my season with any other people.”

No matter what the cheer team members choose to do after high school, their experience will stay with them throughout their lives and will affect their personality and choices onwards.