Disney Battle Royale


Team Star Wars (blue) at the StuCo retreat as they prepare their entrance.

Lucy Pham, Editor

All of the fun activities at our school are planned by the Student Council, or more lovingly known as StuCo. They work hard for us all year just for the long-awaited date of their end-of-the-year vacation. StuCo retreat is a day for recap, planning, awards, and competitive activities. It is planned by the Big 5 along with advisors, Mrs. Lawson and Mrs. Allgier, to optimize interactions and interests. So lets see what the hard working StuCo members did this year!

Julianna Miller (11) uncomfortably getting her face painted. (Lucy )

This year’s retreat took place at Teen Town in Park Drive, where qualified members left the school early to begin their whole day of fun. They started off dividing into teams which included Green-Villains, Pink-Princesses, Blue-Star Wars, and Red-Superheroes. To embody the team spirit, members started applying paint on themselves to represent their team color. Designs varied from simple masks and handprints to full on battle paint. Along with basic aesthetic preparation, teams began to plan and rehearse their entrance walks and chants. As it started to approach 9, members were finally ready to present their introduction. Every team marched in strong with fun chants relating to their theme. Some themes were cute while others attempted to be a fun form of intimidation.

After team introduction, the long-awaited games finally began. StuCo played many games throughout the day both indoors and outdoors; however, publications only got to cover the indoor ones. The most memorable one was “Balloon Battle”, a game where each team attempts to pop another’s balloon that’s tied to their ankle—a balloon royale of sorts. The pair of teams that were pitted together where Blue vs. Red and Green vs Pink. Blue and Pink made it to the finale, which, however, was cut short due to a water balloon spill.

All in all, the day was a well-deserved vacation for the members, and they ended the day with next year’s plans and awards. These awards included those for most spirit, activeness and contribution. But this doesn’t mean the other members were sub-par. They all tried their hardest this year to make the student body fun, and this retreat was their award.