Overcoming Hurdles: A 2021 Track Recap


Lexie Stamp

Patrick Sikes (12) leaving other teams in the dust during the 100m hurdles.

Lucy Pham, Editor

The 2021 track and field season is coming to an end. It’s been quite a successful year with 3 making it past Districts to State. With long practices and awful weather conditions, the Fredericktown Blackcat Track and Field Team has pulled through.

Everyone on the team is successful in their own category, but there are those that come on top. Sophomore Linley Rehkop is one of them. A tri-athlete and a model student, she puts a lot of effort into whatever she does. In track she excels in the 100m and in field she is known for skills in both long jump and javelin. This year in districts she has come 3rd in the 100m and long jump with a 4th for javelin. Another field star is Junior Marshall Long who came 2nd in discus. Marshall has been on the track team for 3 years and specializes in field. “I can do both shot-put and discus but I’m more confident in doing shot-put. They’re both relatively easy, but shot-put feels more natural to throw.”

Marshall Long (11) throwing shot put during Districts at St. Genevie. (Lexie Stamp )

Finally, we have our star, Senior Patrick Sikes. He has been on the track team all 4 years and specializes in hurdles. The 2021 Valedictorian makes it to State every season that he participates in. Balancing conditioning and his studies, Patrick excels in everything. This year he achieved 1st in the 100m hurdles and 3rd in the 400m hurdles qualifying him for State. “I’m glad I can end my senior year by qualifying for state. Track’s been fun for me and it kept me fit for the Soccer season. I’ll definitely miss it.”

All in all, it’s been a great year for the Blackcat Track and Field team. Every meet has been successful and fun, but the retirement of one of the coaches has made it melancholic. Coach Pierson, the field/throw coach has announced at the Spring Sports Banquet that this 2021 season is his last. After coaching for 23 years, the team is happy that they were able to be his last. Coach Pierson will be missed and we hope he’ll enjoy his retirement pursuing one of his passions – fishing. And as the season is close to its end, so is this article. The team is close-knit and always strives for the best. We all hope they’ll overcome this hurdle and be victorious in the following years!